Guaranteed for 20 years (Insurance Backed Upon Request)

The easy to install Retro Fit GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester)  or Fibreglass  system  has been developed for instances where an upgrade to the existing roof structure is required.

There should be no requirement to remove the existing roof coverings /substrates providing they are sound, this system will fit directly to existing membranes and will have a substantial saving on labour charges, also eliminating the problem of water penetration during the installation.

The Retro Fit (GRP) system can be installed in sheet form directly over the existing substrate, whether it be felt, asphalt, concrete, box profile, timber or wood wool slab, the system can be  mechanically fixed or fully bonded depending on the substrate and location of the building. There is no requirement for over boarding as with the conventional wet lay GRP systems.

All the required pull out tests will be carried out to ensure the correct fixings are installed to meet the current regulations.

Should the existing roof structure require additional insulation to meet the current PART L regulations then we are in the position to supply the composite panel ready for installation,  All the required calculations for the thickness of  insulation are calculated by our in house technical department. This system can also be fitted to the cut to falls insulated system should there be a requirement for additional falls to the existing roof structure.

The resin and top coats used are both BBA approved and Fire Rated to BS476 -3:2004 EXT.F.A.B.  A full range of colours are available from the BS 4800 colour range or RAL 840 HR colour range, a top coat finish is available in the standard smooth finish or mineral coat finish, designated walkway areas can also be included in the system by means of identifying the areas in a different top coat colour of your choice.

Bandaging GRP Joints:

All the GRP joints and all the trims must be "bandaged "to the roof to ensure that no stress cracking can occur at the joints. This is done by applying a 3" wide glass bandage to each joint and to all the trim edges, these bandages must be well consolidated. 
The procedure for bandaging is the same, on a smaller scale as that used for the wet lay procedures . A small amount of resin, usually about 1 kilo is decanted into a small bucket and mixed with catalyst. (A chart for a guide to the correct amount of catalyst is available). The resin is the applied to the GRP edges and to the trim edges with either a 3" brush or small roller. The pre-cut bandage is then rolled out over the resin and a further amount of resin is then applied to the glass bandage, which is allowed to wet out before consolidating with a small consolidation roller. All the detail work may also be completed at this stage, drain outfalls, channels, pipes and roof fittings can all be sealed with GRP You will find that a brush is more useful to form complex shapes and to consolidate the glass than a roller for these details.

The (GRP) Retro Fit sheets come in three gauges 1.2mm 1.4mm & 2.5mm in thickness all sheets are in the standard size of 2.4m  x 1.2m.Trims can be supplied in either the standard GRP or in PVC.

There is no requirement for any form of naked flame as all the materials installed are no naked flame application 

The Retofit System  is Suitable for all types of roof constructions:
Cold, Warm, Inverted, Ballasted, Green Roof Construction, Retro Fit, Balconies, Box Gutters. Finlock Gutters, Simulated Lead, Walk Way Areas, Industrial Applications,

Should you require a specific design please do not hesitate to contact us.