The Roof Krete System

RoofKrete is ideal for roofs with difficult detailing and shapes.  It is versatile enough to be applied vertically or overhead. It can be formed into complex shapes for roof troughs, up-stands and outlets. It is a non-combustible product and remains at 1000° celsius. RoofKrete is ideal for high traffic areas like walkways, external staircases, balconies and terraces.

The advantages are:

·  Eliminates up to 95% of roof flashings and joints

·  Eliminates water penetration through parapet walls and kerbs

·  Eliminates fascia and roof edge maintenance

·  Protects against storm damage

·  Provides a tough ‘walk on’ membrane without the need of protection

·  Can be decorated to any colour with masonry paint

The whole system is a NO HEAT APPLICATION that means no naked flame.

Should you require a RoofKrete system a full in depth survey can be carried out, on completion a detailed specification detailing the type of materials to be used and our recommendations  along with the guarantee periods available will be submitted, a full quotation will be attached to the specification for your approval, with all RoofKrete systems there are options available  which carry a full insurance backed  guarantee.

The RoofKrete System can also be specified for : Warm, Cold, Inverted, Ballast, Balconies with walkway tiles, Green Roofs.

Our Technical staff are on hand to assist clients with technical assistance on all  matters concerning our range of  flat roofing services, whether it be problem solving, specifications or general enquiries.

We offer a full nationwide service for all our clients.   

FIRST CLASS ROOFING SYSTEMS UK are also in the unique position to have our own in house Cad design / Technical department, this enables us to supply detailed drawings for all your requirements.

We are approved installers for many specialised roofing manufactures, in all instances the products supplied and installed by our company will carry a  full manufactures guarantee and will be installed by approved and fully trained operatives only.