The Simulated Lead system detailed above was installed on a garage roof on a GRADE 2 listed building as the previous two lead roofs had been stolen. After consultation with the client, insurance company, Local Council and the Heritage commission it was decided to fit the GRP SIMULATED LEAD SYSTEM thus alleviating the problems of further vandalism.

The GRP (Fibreglass) SIMULATED LEAD System provides an economical alternative to conventional lead roofing. The system can be installed to simulate lead sheet complete with imitation lead batten rolls / mop sticks and abutment wall flashings.

Simulated lead can be installed to box gutters, finlock gutters, warm roofs, bay windows and many other situations where lead sheet would be installed.

Many clients have decided to replace the standard lead specification for the SIMULATED LEAD GRP sheet system due to the high volume of thefts that have taken place over current periods. The application is unique in its design as detailed and complex work is undertaken with pre-formed trims and accessories completed in a simulated lead coloured gel coat. Once this system has been installed there would be no advantage for theft as the system carries no scrap value what so ever.

This system can be installed with the traditional wet lay GRP / FIBFEGLASS system or should you prefer the GRP Retrofit System .