The Torch on Systems ( Built By Felt)

APP Bituminous flat-roof coverings

APP modified bitumen membranes are composed of select APP polymers blended with distilled asphalt and reinforced with a Spun bond Polyester fabric. APP membranes are installed by Heat Welding and have the following characteristics:

• High melting temperatures

• Flexibility at low temperatures

• High resistance to thermal degradation

• Resistance to ultraviolet light

• Excellent substrate adhesion

• Resistance to most acids and bases.

• Impermeability to water

APP modified bitumen APP modified bitumen membranes may be used to waterproof prefabricated concrete roofs roof systems with metal and wood decks, thermal insulations, paved roofs or walkways, foundations, and constructions such as multi-story parking decks.

A mineral surfaced APP modified bitumen membrane, contains factory installed roofing granules which eliminate the need for installing a protective coating. Mineral surfacings reduce thermal and ultraviolet light degradation, and slow the normal processes of membrane ageing.

Membranes that are applied by heat welding contain a polypropylene and/or polyethylene covering to prevent roll blocking and provide a site indicator for proper  welding temperature. These films will melt, allowing the APP modified bitumen compound to adhere to itself and the substrate being bonded to.

SBS Bituminous flat-roof coverings

SBS modified bitumen membranes are composed of styrene-butadiene-styrene thermoplastic rubber, blended with distilled asphalt and reinforced with a Spunbond Polyester fabric or high strength fibre glass mat.

SBS membranes are manufactured to suit a variety of application methods, and possess the following characteristics:

• Impermeability to water

• Outstanding flexibility at very low temperatures

• Resistance to thermal aging

• Excellent substrate adhesion

• Resistance to perforation

• Superior elasticity

• Excellent mechanical and fatigue strength

• Tear resistance

• Dimensional stability

It is necessary to have a factory installed or on-site installed surfacing on SBS modified bitumen membranes, therefore, most of SBS modified bitumen membranes come with factory installed roofing granules for this purpose. With membranes containing factory installed roofing granules this eliminates the need to add on-site surfacings.

The only tools required for application of APP membranes are a propane gas fired roofer’s torch, a round nose roofer’s trowel, a hook blade roofer’s knife and a pair of fire resistant gloves.

Should you require a built up felt system a full in depth survey can be carried out, on completion a detailed specification detailing the type of materials to be used and our recommendations  along with the guarantee periods available will be submitted, a full quotation will be attached to the specification for your approval, with all high performance systems there are still options available from all the main manufactures which carry a full 10 year insurance backed  guarantee.

All systems can be installed : Warm, Cold, Inverted, Ballast, Balconies with walkway tiles, Green Roofs.

Our Technical staff are on hand to assist clients with technical assistance on all  matters concerning our range of  flat roofing services, whether it be problem solving, specifications or general enquiries.

We offer a full nationwide service for all our clients.   

FIRST CLASS ROOFING SYSTEMS UK are also in the unique position to have our own in house Cad design / Technical department, this enables us to supply detailed drawings for all your requirements.

We are approved installers for many specialised roofing manufactures, in all instances the products supplied and installed by our company will carry a  full manufactures guarantee and will be installed by approved and fully trained operatives only.