TPO Flat Roofing (Single Ply System) Preston

The  TPO ( Thermoplastic Polyolefin)  membranes offer a wide variety of applications for use on flat, vertical, pitched, waveform and barrel vaulted surfaces. The standing seam and lead look-a-like systems offer the designer greater flexibility on unusually shaped roofs that need to comply with the current Part “L” regulations this systems has also been in the market place for decades, and is widely used in industrial and domestic instances. The reason being is that there is no requirement for the boiling  pot or torches as with the roll and pour and torch on  systems, the whole system is a NO NAKED FLAME APPLICATION .

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TPO: Thermoplastic Olefin or Polyolefin

TPO membranes are single-ply roof membranes constructed from ethylene propylene rubber. They are designed to combine the durability of rubber with the proven performance of hot-air weldable seams. They have been tested as having excellent resistance to ozone, are algae-resistant, environmentally friendly and safe to install. The material's manufacturers are so confident in properly welded seams that the material is sometimes advertised as a monolithic (seamless) roof. Seam strengths are reportedly 3 to 4 times those of EPDM's adhesive and tape seams. TPO is highly resistant to tears, impacts, and punctures with good flexibility to allow for building movement. TPO's are available in white, light grey, and black.

TPO membranes are installed fully-adhered, mechanically-attached or ballasted. Fully-adhered means that the roof is "glued" to the substrate using a special adhesive. What actually happens is the glue creates a chemical bond with the membrane. Ballasted simply means the membrane is loose laid over the top of the roof, sealed at all penetrations and around the perimeter, and then a ballast is put on it to hold it in place. Ballast usually consists of smooth, round, river rock 50mm - 150mm in diameter and is applied at a rate of 1,000 to 1,200 pounds per roof square (100 sq. ft.). Sometimes concrete pavers are used in their place. These average 20 pounds per square foot. Mechanically-attached membranes are those that use some type of special screw-type fastener to secure it. The type of fastener will depend on the type of substrate but all fasteners are generally screw-type fasteners.

Compatibility Membranes are compatible with most insulation panels including expanded/extruded polystyrene and oxidised bitumen.

Durability Life expectancy is in excess of 25 years.
Should you require a TPO system a full in depth survey can be carried out, on completion of the survey a detailed specification detailing the type of materials to be used and our recommendations, along with the guarantee periods available, a full quotation will be attached to the specification for your approval, 10 year insurance backed guarantees are available up on request.

The TPO Systems can also be specified for  : Warm, Cold, Inverted, Ballast, Green Roofs, Balconies with walkway tiles.

Our Technical staff are on hand to assist clients with technical assistance on all  matters concerning our range of  flat roofing services, whether it be problem solving, specifications or general enquiries.
We offer a full nationwide service for all our clients.   

FIRST CLASS ROOFING SYSTEMS UK are also in the unique position to have our own in house Cad Design / Technical department, this enables us to supply detailed drawings for all your requirements.
We are approved installers for many  roofing manufactures, in all instances the products supplied and installed by our company will carry a  full manufacturers, guarantee and will be installed by approved and fully trained operatives only.